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Decades of public health research have shown the association between poor environmental quality and health problems including asthma, cancer, breast cancer, breathing, heart, immune system, and even child development. The resulting health problems due to poor environmental quality further contributes to the widening inequalities in health and the attendant opportunities. Unconscious waste disposal and pollution introduces chemicals into our ground water and water ways which poses serious health consequences. Unfortunately, very few of us are aware of these facts; and we need to begin to create awarenessand educate ourselves about these issues in our communities.

Education and awareness of the health and environment connection are more fruitful when communities come together, empower themselves, and begin the discussions. It is not a We versus Them effort; it is a We and Us effort. Collectively, we can make incremental changes that allow us to protect the environment, enjoy the environment, and live long and healthy lives. 

Health, Environmental Education and Awareness (HEEA) Day and Free Community Picnic

The Global Health and Education Projects (GHEP) and its community partners are organizing the first annual Health, Environmental Education and Awareness (HEEA) program and free community picnic aimed at educating and increasing citizen awareness on the individual and community health effects of intentional and unintentional environmental /waterways pollution. The HEEA Community Picnic will be the first of its kind aimed at fostering the spirit of community and discussion of matters on the health and environment connection.

The HEEA community picnic will begin with an interactive workshop on modifiable efforts and behaviors that we all can do to protect our environment. We will utilize a fun-learn-do hands-on model without laborious lectures. By integrating fun in the day’s events we engage people of all ages, including children and the entire family in preserving our environment. This is a day to come out and have fun. simply come and make it your day. Treasure the bay, love the environment, love your health!

Collective Effort and Community Empowerment

The HEEA community picnic is part of GHEP’s long-term goal of organizing individuals and families in our community to understand the health and environment connection. Changing behaviors and engaging citizens in environmental citizenship is a gradual process. This effort is firmly rooted in GHEP’s framework of organizing and empowering communities to identify and address issues of critical importance to them. This effort is also in line with GHEP’s mission to eliminate health and education inequalities in our local communities.

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Benefits: Why are we Bringing our Community Together for Health and Environment?

The goal of this annual event is to bring families and neighbors together to share and obtain information on how to be custodians of the environment and protect our health. We can enjoy our environment as well as be the custodians of the environment by adopting simple voluntary activities that protect our environment and preserve it for generations. HEEA will promote actions that individuals can take to improve waterways through voluntary pledges and commitment to environmentally-friendly behavior change.

All of our communities in the metropolitan Washington, DC are surrounded by the Anacostia and Chesapeake Bay. Our fun-filled workshop presentations will draw specific cases from the Bay in order to bring the issues home to all of us. At this event, we will promote little actions and small steps to love and cherish the gift of the bay and its other waterways that surround us in the capital of the free world.

Our Partners

HEEA Community Picnic is organized by the GHEP in collaboration with, and support from, the following public and private partners:

  • Prince George’s County Government, Department of the Environment.
  • Prince George’s County Government, Department of Health
  • Social Innovation Fellows, Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, College Park.
  • COSTCO Wholesale, Beltsville, MD.
  • TARGET Stores, Prince George’s Plaza, Hyattsville, MD
  • Giant Foods, Prince George’s Plaza, Hyattsville, MD
  • Wegmans Stores, Woodmore Shopping Center, Bowie, MD
  • More Community partners to be added soon.

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Useful Resources

National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences


National Center for Environmental Health


National Cancer Institute


Environmental Protection Agency


Collaborative on Health and Environment


Acknowledgement: The Health and Environmental Education and Awareness (HEEA) program is supported through grant # 12836 from the Chesapeake Bay Trust (CBT). The contents of this website are solely the responsibility of the Global Health and Education Projects, Inc. and do not necessarily represent the official views of the CBT or other supporting organizations.


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